Advertising Practices to Boost Website Clicks in 2023

Advertising Practices to Boost Website Clicks in 2023

Online advertising is the newest form of reaching your audience. Google, YouTube, Amazon, or any other search engine/social media platforms are the go-to locations to find the highest quality, trustworthy services and products. SEO and PPC are methods used by advertising agencies to help product owners gain positive exposure in front of relevant audiences. In this article we want to describe alternative advertising, digital marketing, and search engine strategies to help you reach your customers with a low cost investment. Your return on investment deserves to be as high as possible with the lowest overhead!

Search Engine Optimization(SEO):

This system is the synchronization of on-site and off-site meta strategies to bring your website to the top of search engines for keywords that consumers search to find the solution to their problems. Technical calibration such as making sure your webpage has relevant H1, H2, and H3 tags, corresponding titles for SERP’s to index, and relevancy of keywords in your content is one of few practices to ensure your rankings will reach the top of Google, Yahoo, or Bing within 6-12 months.

…On-page and off-page strategies can be understood with a simple formula:

UMAC: URL, Meta, Anchor, and Content.

Does your Unique Resource Location contain words or phrases that are semantic with your keywords? This matters because robots crawl and index all webpages on the Internet then report their findings to search engine companies such as Google and Yahoo. Systems, algorithms, or non-conscious processes set standards and norms and assess the web with rules set by boards of companies to ensure a clean, good surface web.

Meta is a complex topic to describe in a paragraph. This concept is the creation of your business avatar. What does your product or service look like to the naked eye? For example, folks identify the product Pepsi with the color blue and correlate the brand design with sugary soda water. Conceptual building blocks that correspond with other building blocks on the web resonates with search engines. In other words, we advise you build your brand with the same logo, mission, and target audience on social media sites, directories, press releases, and blog comments. Be as congruent with your offer to implement high perceive value/trust with your customers.

Anchor: What are other places saying about your brand whenever they link out to you? A portfolio of what other’s say about you is recorded by crawlers and reported to the big boys at Google. Then, the folks decide whether your business is truly about seltzer lemonade or dog food based on the linguistics pointed from others to you. Simple, right? Welp, you’d think so…

The information on your unique resource location is structured on servers. Words, images, videos, and content is on your webpage. The same robots that crawl the web locate your structure of content and rate your page with different parameters. Is your content relevant? Is it trustworthy? Does it provide the most value based on authority from other pages on the web? How does this content synchronize with its’ URL, Meta, and Anchor?

On-page and Off-page strategies matter because everyone has a limited amount of time and resources to implement practices within their already successful systems. We recommend you visit to gain more understanding about search engine optimization, digital marketing, & advertising strategies that help push clicks, calls, appointments, and conversions with a high return on investment. Give him a try!

Pay Per Click Advertising(PPC):

Opposed to search engine optimization, pay per click advertising is about reaching your target market demographic via keywords within locations, times, and on certain platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or Amazon. We advise you utilize PPC advertising whenever first testing conversions for specific keywords. For example, if you are a Fort Worth, Texas dentist and want to discover if certain phrases like “root canals near me”, “dental bleaching methods in 2023”, or “why are my teeth so yellow help!” will convert will bid these terms and track via Analytics and Adwords the pathway results.

The same information regarding UMAC matters with PPC because it is advised your brand be transparent, authoritative, relevant, and trustworthy with all sources to ensure the highest amount of quality traffic towards your webpage.

Here at Windspire Inn we recommend you utilize both practices in order to develop successfully profitable marketing returns. We believe this information has helped you so go, run, and take this information with you and share it with all of your friends. Don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe button to get more juicy content.


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